CueStartup - Tech Hub

UK based High street tech store showcasing the latest most innovative consumer gadgets.

Value for Brands

A CueStartup store placement represents extremely good value for brands. Brands not only get access to live feedback but also an insight into the customers’ reception of their product.

Value for Local Area

Acting as an attraction point a CueStartup store brings in not only tech enthusiasts to a shopping area but also tech novices wanting help in getting the most out of their devices.

Value for Customers

Being an early adopter means having access to the latest tech before anyone else via CueStartup. Customers are entered into competitions and get some of the best deals for being bold.

What we do

CueStartup offers Brands the ability to promote and showcase their new technology products to potential customers via our cutting edge stores. Showcasing your new or pre-launched products with us works out more cost effective than tradeshows and other traditional marketing.

Smart Phones

Mobile phone technology is forever improving. Showcase your latest smartphones at one of our custom designed displays.

Home Appliances (Security)

IOT or Internet of Things are making day to day home appliances smarter and more efficient, showcase your best IOT appliances with us.


Gaming and game consoles are one of the largest areas on tech today – get your target audience interacting with your consoles today.

Audio visual

We now live in a visually sharp, high fidelity audio world. AV consumption has become an 8K, 256k bit symphony – showcase the latest AV tech with us.


Got a sleek, lightweight, high performance laptop or desktop PC you want to show off to potential customers look no further.


It’s a visual world, first impressions count. Make a great first impression your newest photography technology that users can interact with.

Get in touch

Got any questions about how CueStartup can help your brand reach its target audience – don’t hesitate to get in-touch.